Testimonial: Students describe how their practice has changed with the Core Series

“I see my practice has been slowly changing this year: more insight into the person on my table, closer attention to their words and what I think they mean. My touch is softer and vision is towards the anatomy that you’ve taught us.” — Eric T.

“It has enhanced my listening skills. I have a deeper understanding of anomy. I’m learning to trust what I know.” — Rick T.

“An enormous change from beginning to end. I’ve learned so much and Listening orienting to a person’s health. Oh my gosh, and then there’s the Tides, the fluid body! Every aspect of my practice is effected by the Core Series. How I approach life and relationships has and will continue to evolve and mature. Thank you!” — Audrey S.

“I view my clients with a more informed view. I am starting to see more health in them, rather than focusing on what’s wrong.” — Carol M.

“My practice has changed a lot and I see its future looking a whole lot different. For now, I incorporate as much cranial as I can. I have a greater appreciation and practice in ‘doing’ less.” — Gina A.