Sources and Resources–Learning about COVID

Here are the sources I’m following for guidance amidst the flurry of news (noise?) about COVID:

Pathophysiology and clinical implications
Science Daily — email newsletter with overviews and links to studies
Medscape — email newsletter with overviews and links to studies
JAMA — links to studies (no summary overviews)
Ninja Nerd Science/Medicine — excellent videos from a med school tutor

Public policy and social context
New Yorker Magazine
Atlantic Magazine
Scientific American
New York Times
Washington Post

Television, radio and/or podcasts
BBC, CBC and NPR are doing good coverage.
Johns Hopkins Hospital/University has been running an excellent Q&A podcast since early March.


Two recent articles are worth checking out:

• Atul Gawande, MD: Amid the Corona Virus Crisis, A Regimen for Reentry, New Yorker, 5/13/20

• Eric Meyerowitz, MD and Aaron Richterman, MD, PhD: A Quick Summary of the COVID-19 Literature So Far, Medscape, 5/18/20