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Private practice

You are welcome to pay online of your session. In person, you can pay by cash, check or card.

• Richard's fees are $90/hour (prorated accordingly)

• Lauren's fees are $150/hour for teens and adults (prorated accordingly)

For children 12 and under, Lauren uses a sliding scale based on family income level:

• Up to 39K = $50/hour
• 40 - 59K = $70/hour
• 60 - 79K = $90/hour
• 80 - 99K = $110/hour
• 100 - 119K = $130/hour
• 120 and above = $150/hour

Initial sessions for children last 1 hour; on-going care often requires 30-minute sessions.
Fees are pro-rated to reflect the actual time used (by the quarter hour).

Tutorials, Mentoring, Supervision

Tutorial rates are a standard of $125/hour for 1-2 students; $175/hour for 3-4 students. For groups, the overall fee is shared among the students. Prices may vary according to who conducts the sessions; clarifying the fee is a mutual responsibility at the time of scheduling the tutorial.

Mentoring and supervision rates will likely follow the same fee structure, however individual arrangements can be made depending on the circumstance (i.e., a reduced rate for a frequent series of meetings).

Please contact Lauren or Richard if you are unsure about the fee for our appointment.



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