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Had a FANTASTIC weekend with Lauren and Richard; it was a great class too. I've taken a few intraoral classes over the years…and this class was superior to the ones I've taken. Thanks for bringing it to us!

Jason A., Seattle 2015

I like that both teachers have a breadth of knowledge that they're drawing from to teach. I liked the palpatory protocol; it was a different way of assessing the body than what I've done before. It added more information that will be valuable when I'm treating.

H.S., Seattle 2014

Private Practices

During this time of social isolation, we are practicing in a more limited way (fewer people/day) and using stringent hygiene methods, including cloth masks as indicated (working with the upper body). Our goal is to remain healthy while supporting you and others.

Both Lauren and Richard practice at these locations, on alternate days. Generally, Richard is in the Seattle office Monday through Wednesday, and in Shoreline on Thursday and Friday. Lauren is in Seattle on Thursday and Friday, and in Shoreline on Wednesday.

Click here for more specific directions, and on Lauren or Richard for more information about our individual practices.



Kind Words from Our Clients

I have been a client of Richard for several years. I have found him to be one of the most talented and effective bodyworkers I have ever experienced. He is a skilled diagnostician and finds the underlying cause of what is bothering me. My body intuitively trusts his gentle confident touch. I walk out of his office feeling renewed, balanced, and pain free. I have been a professional bodyworker myself for almost 20 years and have received work from many good touch therapists, and Richard is “One of the Very Best”!
Joseph H, LMP

Thank you so very much—I appreciate all that you've done for me. You have given me back a major portion of my life by eliminating my pain. I really can't thank you enough.

B.M., 2011

I've had a long-term chronic condition in my hip and spine that Richard stabilized, which no longer bothers me daily after a decade and a half of constant pain. Also, over that time I have had several injuries and dysfunctions develop, from which Richard has always been able to provide relief. 

Richard's ability to assess allows him to hone in quickly on what structures are injured or dysfunctional and what needs to be worked on to help improve whatever it is that needs help.

I think what you (Lauren) do is genius. It takes me completely out of the realm of my head and puts my attention in my body. Somehow, you seem to hear the litany of complaints when I come in and put all the things I talk about together (which make so connected sense to me at the time), and work something through my body and say the words I can hear and receive. You are gifted in this way. 

Developments and Reflections: our Blog

COVID 19 by the numbers — things to know

By Lauren M. Christman, LMT, CBSI/KMI, CCST

A compilation of info, as we know it, about this virus. Sources listed below. R0 = 2-3 The “R-naught” is description of how spreadable a disease is; how virulent. For example, typical influenza has an R0 of just over 1, meaning that the disease spreads at a one-to-one rate. COVID 19’s R0 is between 2-3. This…

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Hand bone’s connected to the Wrist bone!

By Lauren M. Christman, LMT, CBSI/KMI, CCST

With the current spaciousness in my schedule, I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do for years: learn more about the carpal bones! For years, knowing the tarsals has helped my work be more precise and effective. I’m excited to see where this takes me with clients. How I learned: Richard has been…

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The Two Wolves – a good reminder

By Lauren M. Christman, LMT, CBSI/KMI, CCST

Likely you’ve come across this story. These days, it’s been on my mind as I meet the unknowns of the disruption of COVID-19. The Two Wolves An old Cherokee was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said, “A battle is raging inside me…it is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger,…

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Comparing symptoms of respiratory conditions

By Lauren M. Christman, LMT, CBSI/KMI, CCST

Thanks to Bonnie Wong, DO who sent out this simple graph. I’ve referred to it more than once in the last month, much to my relief. It’s also helped with clients who aren’t sure what’s happening for them. While we’re not doctors (nor can we diagnose — especially these days), we can help people clarify…

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Do the Five and another five

By Lauren M. Christman, LMT, CBSI/KMI, CCST

Do the Five The World Health Organization has a simple campaign to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (and many other diseases): Do the Five! I imagine you’ve seen the PSA icon on Google: 1 Hands — wash them often 2 Elbow — cough into it 3 Face — don’t touch it 4 Space —…

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