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Pandemic Update: We continue to follow PPE and sanitation guidelines for clinical education to make the classroom experience safe for all. This means masking, cleaning surfaces and appropriate distancing (varies with each activity).


Unless otherwise noted, our courses are held in the Seattle area and coordinated through the Therapeutic Training Center. Follow the registration button below for logistics and pricing.

If you learn better at a gentler pace or have a specific focus, consider mentoring with us. Contact Lauren (CST/VM/IO/Peds) or Richard (MFB/IO) for details.

We look forward to seeing you in class!


2023 -- Live Courses


2023 - Intros and Electives (can be taken as stand alone or as part of certification)
Jan 20-22: Freeing the Axial Skeleton: Myofascial Balancing for CST
Feb 24-26: Craniosacral Introductory Workshop
Apr 14-16: Cranial Nerve Mobilization: Freeing the Tethers
Jun 2-4: Craniosacral Introductory Workshop
Jun 23-25: Unwinding the Birth Pattern (volunteer infants needed)
Sep 15-17: Craniosacral Introductory Workshop
Oct 20-22: Visceral Listening: Enhancing the Motility of the Organs

Craniosacral Core Series 2022-23
Nov 2-5, 2022: Core 1: Transverse Structures, Pelvis, Mandible and Cranial Wave
Dec 5: Integration Day 1
Jan 19, 2023: Integration Day 2
Feb 8-11: Core 2: Synovial Joints, Air Sinuses, Unwinding and Mid-Tide
Apr 13: Integration Day 3
May 17-20: Core 3: Sphenoid, Facial Bones, Cranial Base and Long Tide
Jun 22: Integration Day 4
Aug 16-19: Core 4: Cranial Sutures, Membranes, Treatment Arc and All Tides

Next Core Series starts November 1, 2023 - August 2024


Jun 23-25, 2023: Unwinding the Birth Pattern (volunteer infants needed)
Jun 2024: Cranial and Fascial Balancing for Newborns (volunteer infants needed)


Feb 18-19, 2023: Essentials of Intraoral Work, Bellingham
-- -- Contact: Advanced Sports Chiropractic and Massage for details.
Apr 29-30, 2023:
Essentials of Intraoral Work
Oct 7-8, 2023: Essentials of Intraoral Work


Apr 14-16, 2023: Freeing the Tethers: Cranial Nerve Mobilization
Oct 20-22, 2023: Visceral Listening: Enhancing the Motility of the Organs
Apr 2024: Supporting the Brain: Concussion, Centralized Pain and Select Pathologies
Oct 2024: Visceral Mobilization: Freeing the Fascial Layers among the Organs

Myofascial Balancing (MFB)

Contact Richard directly for details about mentoring, as an individual or in small groups.

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