Volunteers needed for Pediatric Fascial Balancing class

Hello Parents and Caregivers,
Thank you for your interest in bringing your child into one of our classes to be a model. We teach classes throughout the year for all age groups (newborns, infants & toddlers, preschoolers to tweens).
The work is gentle and combines methods that address skeletal alignment, healthy movement in the organs, and balance in the nervous system. Because children are so active, this work uses their movement as a way to treat their system (children don’t need to remain still or lay on a table the whole time). Treatments last roughly 1 hour, are free of charge and parents remain with their child throughout the time.
Students in the course are all licensed therapists who are learning specific techniques that are appropriate for children. Most often, the instructors will be the ones to treat your child while students observe; occasionally we coordinate a clinic at the conclusion of class where students treat children with teacher supervision.
Email Lauren if you have any questions or if you’d like to be put on a notification list: lauren@craftedtouch.com
If you know of other families with toddlers or preschoolers who may be interested, feel free to forward this link to them.
Thank you for your help,
Lauren Christman, LMT
Richard Polishuk, LMT