Kid's Clinic - Location

Currently, we hold our Kid's Clinic at the Sacred Embodiment Center on Capitol Hill: 1818 E Mercer St, Unit 102. Set back from 19th, just off the alley; between Mercer and Roy streets.

The main entrance to the center is off 19th street. Between the Zeek's Pizza and Monsoon Restaurant, you'll see a flight of stairs. Go up the stairs; at the top, turn left and immediately right around the office building. You'll see red 'sandwich board' signs pointing your way to the center.

The space is comfortable, with ample cushions and seating options; they request leaving shoes at the door. Bathrooms are on-site, as well as a full kitchen, including microwave and fridge.

If you are having trouble finding us, you can text Danielle: 206-310-9460.


For practitioners: There is all day parking available to the north and east of 19th street.

For families: There is 1-2 hour parking available in the blocks around the center. If you are coming at the 3.00 time, you may have better luck to the north and east of the center (the local school one block south lets out around that time).

On its way: a photo of front door/steps

More information about the Kid's Clinic:

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