Tending the Therapeutic Relationship:
Trauma, Resilience and Honoring the Other

Clarify your role as therapist

Understanding the complexity of the therapeutic relationship is critical for any integrative or holistic practice. In this 3-day class, we explore key aspects of these interpersonal dynamics: power differential, types of intimacy, boundary navigation, transference/countertransference, and informed consent.

Understand the practicalities of Polyvagal Theory

We examine the autonomic nervous system, particularly the Polyvagal Theory of stress/distress, trauma generation, resilience and health. This is a practical discussion, with a focus on identifying stages in the charge/discharge cycle as well as subtle signs of a balanced or overwhelmed system. Simple strategies for working with emotional release are taught within the context of a body-centered practice. Coming from an osteopathic framework, we realize that our skills fundamentally assist the client's inner healing capacity and that our role in this is as a well-informed guide or a midwife.

Hone your communications skills, boundaries and listening

We highlight clarifying and communicating our intention, policies and boundaries as well as identifying methods of self-care. In order to communicate clearly, we need to take time to understand our own needs, motivations and biases. Developing methods for self-awareness provides a ground for honoring the Otherwith compassion, honesty and respect. Nourishing such awareness is critical to our work, in the same way that learning new techniques is critical to our work.

Join a dynamic conversation with colleagues

This workshop is taught using journaling, lecture and discussion, small group communication exercises and role-playing common scenarios. Please come with willingness and curiosity as together we explore the rich interpersonal dimension of manual healing.

Two or more years experience in practice is recommended but not required. Though we will often reference craniosacral therapy as a methodology, this coursework is useful for any type of manual practice.

Lauren has a great way of seeing into your soul but not making you feel too vulnerable or exposed. — Jennifer W

If we are here to make this world a better place to live in, then this is the way we have to do it: treat one patient, teach one student, take care of everyone, one life at a time. — Brad McCutcheon, DO

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Lauren has an exquisite level of attentiveness, grounded in thorough knowledge, and a warm, empathetic nature. Her passion for the topics she teaches is obvious and I always enjoy how carefully she crafts her responses to my questions. The name Crafted Touch is perfect!  Susanne A

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