The Core Series serves as the cornerstone of Craniosacral work. It provides instruction and practice of the most important tools—stillness and presence, as well as the hands-on techniques, anatomy and physiology related to this work. Students learn to perceive the cranial wave, mid-tide, and long tide, and they learn to access them to address systemic as well as localized conditions and client concerns. Students practice activities to develop their communication skills, intuition, and ability to perceive the client’s overall energy and health. Students complete the Core Series as a cohort, developing bonds that allow them to explore this work deeply and safely. Students receive a certificate of completion upon satisfying the requirements of the program.

It’s teaching me to grow my comfort zone, to trust and believe in myself. It’s also teaching me to slow down, be still and just listen, not just in my practice, but in my personal life as well. — Jen C

My entire practice has shifted and grown roots as a result of craniosacral therapy and the Core Series. — Jen C

I feel like it has not only taken my practice to a whole different level. I’m also in a whole different, a better place, better able to give and receive. The spacing between the Core classes was good — for the most part if allowed me to get things done in a timely manner, with the exception of life sometimes getting in the way. The Integration Days were very helpful. Taking the Core Series was transforming and life changing. My perspective and outlook on life has changed. I’m more mindful of my clients and their needs. Lauren is an amazingly gifted, talented teacher. She is very intuitive, and has deep insight and knowledge of the human body. She is not only nurturing and warm, but provides a safe, fun environment that is conducive to learning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. — Nancy H

Core I: Transverse Structures, Pelvis and Mandible, and Cranial Wave

In this class, you learn to work with the transverse structures of the body, to ease and promote the longitudinal flow of the CSF. You will be introduced to techniques for the pelvic ring (including sacrum, sacroiliac joints and pelvic floor), the respiratory diaphragm, and the thoracic inlet. You also learn to address many discomforts in relation to the mandible. An in-depth introduction to stillness, body usage and receptive touch will help you to develop the ability to be present and to skillfully listen with your hands.

Core II: Pelvis, Air Sinuses, Unwinding, and Mid-Tide

In this class, you will deepen your understanding and skills with the pelvis and sacrum. The techniques you learn for the air sinuses also provide you with ways of helping your clients with various complaints around the head. Your abilities as a healer will improve through understanding the energetic body, using the Chakra system as a template. Perceiving and working with the mid-tide, as well as accessing unwinding as an avenue for change, provide you with entirely new ways to address your client’s concerns.

"Lauren has a great way of seeing into your soul but not making you feel too vulnerable or exposed." — Jennifer W

Core III: Sphenoid, Cranial Vault, Facial Bones, and the Long Tide

Much of this class is dedicated to working with the sphenoid and other bones of the head, increasing your ability to work with complex conditions. Engaging the long tide will move your understanding of individual problems far beyond the personal to the level of interconnectedness—both the transcendent/transpersonal and through resourcing yourself and your clients.

Core IV: Cranial Sutures, Ventricles, Membranes, and All Tides

In the culminating class of the Core Series, students learn how to move beyond protocols and to hone individualized sessions that match the client's inner healing mechanism. We orient to essential principles of Craniosacral work by following the inherent treatment plan intrinsic to each person. Students learn to move fluently between all three levels of the fluid body. Students learn several meditations which can be done with clients to help access the client's deepest inner knowing—the soul—and how to help the system integrate that knowing into everyday awareness.

Integration Days

The four workshops of the Core Series are packed with material. This material needs to be integrated between the classes in order for the student to fully absorb, clarify and synthesize that material. Integration Days (IDs) occur monthly between workshops to give the student an opportunity to review and deepen their technical ability and to seek supervision related to questions or concerns that arise during client sessions and student exchanges. IDs also allow for the community of students to deepen their connection and set up exchanges or study groups with one another. As with any holistic approach, Craniosacral students need to be exposed to its philosophy and application on a consistent basis over a period of time, and to have the encouragement and support of colleagues and teachers to integrate what we learn into the solitude of our practice.

Note: IDs are generally scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays. The office will do its best to accommodate students from out of town with regard to scheduling.

Additional Requirements of the Core Series

Practice sessions: students are required to submit a total of 45 client records (90 hours) documenting their practice of course material.

Student exchanges: 2 two-way exchanges with fellow students between each class (6 total; 9 practice hours)

Required reading between classes.