Whiplash Workshop at Cortiva, 6/12/10

I was invited to do a brief demonstration of myofascial work on the neck as part of a workshop this past Saturday. The workshop was co-led by Diana Thompson, one of the local/national massage luminaries, and Richard Adler of Adler Giersch, a PI attorney; it was about both the treatment of whiplash and the legal/insurance implications of accident cases. I was lucky enough to have Lauren as my model. 

Technique was also demonstrated by Taya Countryman (Structural Release Therapy); Arik Gohl (Ligament Release Therapy); and Diane Kincaid (MLD). It was good company to be in. I saw some old friends, including Carolyn Brady of Oak Harbor. We used to be study groups together in the mid-80's! Time flies. 

Meanwhile, we're finalizing the calendar and pricing for the new ACOM, starting December 2010. More about that soon.