Testimonials: The Core Series — what students say

What would you tell someone interested in the Core Series?

“It’s so worth it. Not only has it been life changing but truly transformational on a heart level.” — Nancy H.

“The Core Series is more than your wildest dreams. You’ll get a deep understanding of the A&P of the nervous system and the CST paradigm. You’ll learn about the spectrum of craniosacral therapy, from bio-energetic to bio-mechanical. You learn to LISTEN, to orient towards the health of your client, and a plethora of effective techniques that not only will allow you to work with the CST paradigm, but will nourish all your other modalities.” — Audrey S.

“I’ve spent my massage/bodywork life longing to find the “Thing.” This is one of the greatest pieces of what I’ve been seeking. Lauren is the best, most perfect person to be in this teaching role. The way she teaches, connects and knows the material is deeply felt.” — Cath S.

“This program will make you a better therapist and a better person: increase patience, listening, understanding, accepting of your clients.” — Rick H.

“I have told people that you learn a lot. Not only about craniosacral therapy but yourself and how you see and live in the world. It provides a container for personal and professional growth that I find invigorating and very, very helpful.” — Angela C.

“They’ll get a deepening of themselves and how they work on clients. It’s a large commitment and very rewarding.” — Eric T.

“You’ll get a deeper appreciation of our connection to the whole, how to listen and be with “not doing” in order to know how to better serve the person in front of you.” — Gina A.

“It could change your life in the best possible way!” — Carol M.