Testimonial: Words from students about our teaching team

Lauren as lead teacher:

“Lauren, I cannot imagine learning from anyone else. Your depth of knowledge and experience plus your constant encouragement made it seem possible to do this work. The emphasis on listening and patience was even a greater help.” — Rick H.

“I am truly honored to have been part of this Core Series with you. You are truly a gifted and talented teacher. I really like the direction you are taking the Core Series. I look forward to continuing to take more classes.” — Nancy H.

“Lauren, you have enriched my life in ways that I know are continuing to unfold.” — Carol M.

“Thank you for your patience and knowing us as individuals.” — Eric T.

“You’re a treasure. Thank you for holding the torch, for your guidance, for your wisdom. You are walking the pass less traveled and so deeply important to/for all creation. Facilitating higher alignment!” — Audrey S.

“You are a gift. Thank. You.” — Angela C.

Buela Arvizu is our senior teaching assistant for our Craniosacral Program. We also have key assistants who help out on particular electives: visceral mobilization, visceral listening, myofascial balancing, and more. Our goal is to have more than one seasoned teacher in the room, as well as two student helpers-people who’ve already taken the class- who help tend the classroom and practice with students as needed.

“Buela is amazing. Her attention to details and gentle suggestions were extremely helpful.” — Rick H.

“Buela, Thank you. I so appreciate your wisdom and insight, and your gentle spirit.” — Nancy H.

“Buela, thank you for sharing your story, your wisdom, your strength.” — Carol M.

“I have deep gratitude for the assistants , for all they gave and offered to me as an individual. Their commitment was seen clearly.” — Eric T.

“Buela is an inspiration and a great teacher. Suzanne and Nancy (student helpers) were pleasant and a joy to work with.” — Audrey S.

“Thank you for your patience, loving kindness and so much beauty in your and your words.” — Angela C.