Reorg at ACOM in Port Townsend

Susan Rosen and I just finished up the 5th round of ACOM (Advanced Certification in Orthopedic Massage) classes at the Port Townsend School of Massage. We've had a good run—five nice groups of people in five years. Next time (late fall 2010) we're going to try something different: separating Susan and me in most of the classes, so that each of us can have extended periods of working with the students in our somewhat overlapping areas of concentration (Susan's more weighted towards the orthopedic/treatment realm; I'm more in the structural balancing realm). Blending the two, each day in each class, has worked well, but I think we can do better in this slightly different format. We'll see!

I also have some ideas about going a bit more high-tech in this next round. I would like to try making casual videos of each technique demonstration, and uploading them to an online drop box so that students can download them. This summer, I'm going to be exploring the technology.