Local joint decompression

Over the years, I’ve learned many different ways to improve joint alignment…or, as I’ve learned to think, to break joint fixations. (I do believe that joint fixations are categorically different from run-of-the-mill myofascial imbalances.) The most important way that my methods have evolved in this realm is that I orient, more and more, to the central role of joint decompression.

When treating Type 2 joint fixations, I gradually came to believe that the easiest method was just to apply an adequate level of local joint decompression. (Decompression, or traction, of the whole spine is very useful, but a different effect.) Now, I have good methods for creating local decompression throughout the spine.

More recently, I’ve started to appreciate that I’ve underused this tactic in the rest of the body. Traction of one bone is profoundly different, in terms of effects on a joint, from tractioning both relevant bones. I’m quite excited about the results I’m getting. More soon…