During this unusual time, a fresh start

Here we are in the land of COVID-19 — such an unusual time! As the onset of social distancing settled, I began taking notes about any number of topics. My aim to begin blogging again, to help clarify my thinking, to share discoveries and insights and to give myself another creative outlet while my usual ones (practice and teaching) are on hold.

Early on, I realized how often in the past several years I’ve complained of not having enough time, spacious time, for all sorts of projects and play time. And here, now I have the time. One such project: a stack of National Geographic, gathered over 8 years time — kept for collaging and such a fun source of wonder and world events. Here’s a fun image that made me chuckle.

What to do with mouth and nose covered? We’ve got eyes and ears!
I love the waiting in this image, the bulk of the hippo under the still, clear surface. It reminds me of times taking baths as a child, submerged and warm, staying in the water til my fingertips wrinkled. As a child, the bath was one of the quiet places, private places that I enjoyed separate from my siblings. And now, I’m doing this work with the body that is so oriented to water imagery, the fluid body and its patterns. Taking baths is one way that I’m staying connected to body, to the fluids and to stillness — as well as the child-like freshness of discovery that comes with healing.