We are providers under the following medical plans:

  • Regence and Uniform (Lauren only)
  • Premera/Lifewise
  • Aetna
  • First Choice (and Affiliates)
  • Healthways (and Affiliates)
  • Personal Injury claims related to car accidents (PIP)

Important: Lauren accepts medical claims only for children under 14.


Most plans require a doctor's prescription or authorization; please contact your carrier to confirm coverage for massage. Prescriptions need to be dated before the first session we have with you, and need to contain the following information:

  • Diagnosis (with CPT code - doctor provides)
  • Number of sessions (usually 8-12 for adults; 4-5 for children)
  • Frequency and duration of treatment (usually weekly/biweekly for adults; every 3 weeks for children)

So a common prescription might read, "Massage for low back pain (with code), 10 sessions, once a week for 2 months." Usually, when establishing duration of overall treatment it's useful to have a slight buffer to allow for scheduling hiccups (holidays, illness, etc.).  Contact us if you or your provider have questions about how to word a prescription for the work we do.

Required Forms:

Health History is required of all clients:

Additional information is required for insurance billing, please choose which type you plan to use:

The Billing Process:

Before the first visit, please download and complete the paperwork needed for establishing a claim (you may complete them once you arrive if you don't have a printer at home). As we work together, we will collect a co-pay from you at each session, and then on a monthly basis, submit for payment from your insurance carrier. The carrier will process the claim and send you an EOB (explanation of benefits) - which describes your coverage for each session, and/or if you are responsible for any outstanding amounts. We also receive a version of the EOB, and then bill you directly for any outstanding amounts.

If you want to pay that balance on line using credit cards or PayPal, let us know and we'll set that up. We work with Ask Us!, a billing agency, who provides these services for us. If you ever have questions about the status of your account or bills, you are welcome to contact them directly at (206) 523-0515.



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