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Unless otherwise noted, our courses are coordinated through the Therapeutic Training Center. To register, please see our registration page at

Our Pediatric Fascial Balancing class for Newborns is now coordinated through the Simkin Center at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA. Please contact them directly for registration details.

See our Craniosacral Core Series/Certification Program page for details about those extended programs.

Richard continues to teach the Advanced Certification in Orthopedic Massage with Susan Rosen, hosted by the Port Townsend School of Massage. Click here for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!



Oct 5-8th: Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy
Nov 1-4th: Core Series in Craniosacral - Class #4

Myofascial Balancing

Sep 16-17th: Myofascial Balancing of the Spine and Rib Cage
Nov 11-12th: Myofascial Balancing of the Shoulder Girdle and Arm


Sep 23-24th: Pediatric Fascial Balancing for Toddlers (through Therapeutic Training Center)




Feb 8-11: Craniosacral Introductory Workshop
Apr 20-22: The Brian and 12 Cranial Nerves: Structure and Function
May 17-20: Craniosacral Introductory Workshop
Jul 20-22: Craniosacral Therapy for Infants -- An Introduction
Aug 24-26: Visceral Mobilization: Freeing Fascial Layers among the Organs
Oct 4-7: Craniosacral Introductory Workshop

Craniosacral Core Series
Mar 21-24: Core Series Class #1
Apr 19: Integration Day 1
May 14: Integration Day 2
Jun 6-9: Core Series Class #2
Jul 19: Integration Day 3
Sep 12-15: Core Series Class #3
Oct 15: Integration Day 4
Nov 28-Dec 1: Core Series Class #4

Myofascial Balancing

Jan 20-21: Myofascial Balancing of the Neck and Head
Mar 10-11: Myofascial Balancing of the Pelvis and Low Back
May 5-6: Myofascial Balancing of the Lower Body
Sep 29-30: Myofascial Balancing of the Spine and Ribcage
Nov 3-4: Myofascial Balancing of the Shoulder and Arm


Jan 27-29: Pediatric Fascial Balancing for Newborns, (in Seattle, through Simkin Center)


Feb 24-25: Essentials of Intraoral Work
Apr 13-15: Advanced Intraoral Work
Jul 28-30: Balancing the Face for SI (through Kinesis -- Walpole, ME)
Oct 20-21: Essentials of Intraoral Work


Aug 24-26: Visceral Mobilization: Freeing Fascial Layers among the Organs



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