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Archive for October 2017

New Number

Autumn is the time for making changes — releasing what’s no longer working and reorienting to the simpler versions of all our activities. This year, we’re making the change away from land line: secure email fax service (hooray!) and me shifting calls to my cell phone. I still prefer email for appointments and conversations about…

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The magic of precision

Of the qualities that are part of bodywork methods, the one most impressively mysterious to me is the magic of precision. Although there are many types of precision, I want to focus here on directionality. (Unsurprisingly, I’ve learned the most about precision from Judith Aston). My current version of direct technique (releasing tissue by moving…

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Three categories of manipulation

As fall rolls around, I’m trying to freshen up my sense of method. And I’ve been feeling that this is the “year of the joint” for me. I recently posted about an improving method of joint decompression, and I’ll soon post more about this. But meanwhile… Myofascial balancing includes three distinct targets: Tracts of soft…

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Tempo of release

It’s been a big year, technically. I wonder what’s going to happen before it’s over? At any rate, the latest development is a deepening of something I first heard from Judith Aston 20 years ago: the notion that change has a “tempo” or appropriate speed. I don’t think that I completely accepted the idea. For…

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