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Archive for August 2015

The Short Loop

One aspect of our mode of treatment is shortening the loop of assessment and treatment—making a session into many, many short loops. In our paradigm, we move from standing evaluation to the table with a clear sense of what we want to change and the ability to quickly change it. Once we can tell that…

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Motion Barriers

The concept of the motion barrier comes, as far as I know, from osteopathic principles, but it’s now widely distributed in the therapeutic world. Fundamentally, the idea is that tissue mobility is always limited, and that we can make clinical decisions based on our evaluation of these limitations. In our work, we use motion barriers to tell us about the shape, degree, and direction of restrictions. One…

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Aston-Patterning reunion

This weekend, I had a lovely opportunity to meet with 2 of the Aston-Patterning practitioners I like best. (The third invitee, Elaine Marquez, couldn't make it from the Methow because of the forest fires.) The two who came were Beth Berkeley, who just returned to Seattle after 15 years in the New York area, and…

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Fluffing the butt

One of the things I was reminded of this weekend (see Aston-Patterning Reunion) was a perfect outgrowth of a trend that's been creeping up on me lately.  More and more clients (especially the more athletic ones), when I investigate their "butt pain," wind up directing me to somewhere on the back of their sacrotuberous ligament.…

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