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Archive for May 2015

Self-care and clinical assessment

As many practitioners know, pelvic torsions are very often held in the pubic symphysis and can be neutralized by resisted adduction. It’s the one alignment pattern for which I’ll interrupt a standing palpatory assessment, since it’s so quick and easy to fix. For years, I’ve had a habit of asking clients to do this maneuver to themselves (usually…

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Generous Movement

  I’d like to recommend a lovely little book: Generous Movement, written by Alexandra and Roger Pierce and published in 1991. It’s available for about $11 online, and used copies can be found for even less.    The Pierces are (I believe they’re retired) both academics: she in music, he in drama. Roger Pierce trained as a Rolfer…

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Gravity and Neutral

Back in the day, Ida Rolf had a couple of big ideas: one was that fascia was the organ of structure, and the other was our alignment made us more or less successful in gravity. Something I want to say about that second idea is that it relates profoundly to the character of our stability. Now, I…

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